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Older historical dates

June 2005: EDF provides support to Double Chooz Collaboration

The support of Electricité de France was reiterated at the June meeting at the Chooz Power Plant. EDF will provide engineering support (paid for by CEA and IN2P3), site support (security, etc.), and will allow us the use of the far lab and the parking lot (future home of the near lab).

November 2004: Double Chooz USA Letter of Intent Publication

Several USA laboratories proposed joining the Double Chooz collaboration: U.S. participation proposal.

May 2004: Double Chooz European Letter of Intent Publication

After five months of intense activity, Double Chooz collaboration was proud to provide the publication of the Double Chooz Letter of Intent.

November 2003: Chooz site selection for a future reactor neutrino oscillation experiment

After this European site investigation, the Chooz site was selected as the best one. First meeting of the Double Chooz proto-collaboration. First official Double Chooz presentation at Neutrino France.

July 2003: European sites investigations

Before Double Chooz's birth, the French reactor neutrino oscillation team investigated many possible sites for a future reactor neutrino oscillation experiment to measure θ13.